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Technical characteristics
Brand and type of chassis
Extendable SIMPLEX 3T5
Ready to go. Suitable for chassis from 6T to 7T5
with suitable dimensions specifications.
All chassis must be supplied with rear plug and appropriated PTO already installed (For ZF mounting).
Basic length       :  5 000 mm
Basic width        :  2 200 mm
Basic weight       :  1 670 kg
Payload            :  3 500 kg
evenly distributed.

Capacities on test bench, depending on chassis - refer to the results of the study of the chassis cab.

- Galvanized rollbar installed on silent-blocs
- Hydraulic pump, oil tank, hydraulic valves
- 4t hydraulic winch + rope 20m long and hook, moving laterally by cylinder on galvanized plate and bracket for shackle
- Removable front bumpers and towing ball 50mm above winch
- Deluxe command box on right side with isolated electric connections, complete mudguards with flaps and adjustable rear stabilizers with wheels
- Cylinders with hydraulic soft stops end of stroke
- Galvanized anti slip gratings platform topping with rolled cold side raves and rear slopped tail plate and 2 wide and low wheel chocks to be installed on whole bed length.
- Sand blasted and precoated platform before assembly. Primer coating and automobile high standard painting on the platform.
- Safety side bumper 400mm high in extruded aluminium including 1 foldable footboard on each side (if possible) and designed tank access.
- Helperframe and tilting frame are fully galvanized
- Lights in accordance with road regulation.

Delivered with 1 sling for side attach.


All chassis must be approved by our design office prior to delivery for equipment.

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