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In 1995, in order to have greater control over the subcontracted engineering and sheet-metal working activities, which up until this period had been spread out in France and abroad, a new factory was acquired in LONGEVILLE en BARROIS along with high-performance production machines.

In 1996, the American group, MILLER INDUSTRIES from Chattanooga Tennessee became the major shareholder of the JIGE LOHR company which then became JIGE INTERNATIONAL. The Miller group exports throughout the whole world under the trademarks Holmes, Century, Eagle, Champion, Boniface, Challenger, Vulcan and has a turnover of 600 million Francs, with 600 employees. Through this alliance, JIGE INTERNATIONAL was able to affirm its leading position on the European market, proposing an incomparable choice of equipment to customers and at prices challenging all competition.

Still in 1996, JIGE INTERNATIONAL formalized and proved its willingness to assure its customers of the very high level of quality of its products by becoming the first recovery vehicle manufacturer in the world to be certified ISO 9001.

In 1997, JIGE INTERNATIONAL confirmed its position as official supplier of Peugeot, Citroën and Renault Assistance. This was the result of close cooperation with these manufacturers, by drawing up very precise product design specifications and developments.

At the same time, the military markets were growing and production of vehicles for the Police, the Air Force and the Army as well as for the United Nations was started.

Still in 1997, following a European invitation to tender from the Belgian government, a prototype of a heavy-duty towtruck was manufactured following very rigorous technical specifications. Dynamic selective tests according to the imposed themes were carried out by the different manufacturers. JIGE INTERNATIONAL emerged as the winner of all these tests and so obtained the market for 27 towtrucks at the end of 1997, as well as 14 to the French Army.

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