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In 1969, Mr. Jean GEORGES founded the company " NEO GARAGE " whose main activity was car trading. As the majority of vehicles were mainly bought in Belgium and Germany, after a few years the means of transport had to be rationalized, in order to enable large quantities of imports into France.

In 1972, the company hired two employees, and considered buying a car carrier trailer. However, after looking into it, the price was judged to be prohibitve, as it was exclusively sold by a foreign company. Mr. GEORGES decided, therefore, to construct his own trailer. He sold this first unit and then decided to manufacture another one that was more sophisticated. In total, 5 prototype car carrier trailers were manufactured. Faced with the success of his creations, Mr. GEORGES gave up car trading in order to dedicate himself exclusively to the construction of transport vehicles.

In 1974, the company changed its name and became " LES REMORQUES INDUSTRIELLES JIGES ". The company now had a staff of 6 people and a turnover of 2 million Francs.

In 1976, the company reached a new stage by diversifying into the manufacture of breakdown and towing equipment. A hydraulic sliding bed system was created and successfully marketed. A new factory of 2500 m² was acquired in ST MIHIEL and 15 more jobs were created, in order to allow the company to expand. Due to the specificity of the company's activities, Mr. GEORGES felt that the national market was limited, and decided to export to Germany where this type of sophisticated equipment was in great demand. It is also in 1976 that the company became a public limited company "LES REMORQUES INDUSTRIELlES JIGE S.A.".

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